Senior Front-End Developer (Angular)

Вакансия Senior Front-End Developer (Angular) (Харьков)

About project:

Our product enables us to provide advanced services to the motor vehicle industry.

These services include business to government solutions i.e. electronic vehicle registration platform for dealerships which automates their communication with government and allows dealership clients to get their vehicles and related documentation faster.

Another set of services that is gaining traction now is business-to-customer model which includes insurance and registration renewal solutions. We are also automating our processes by bringing in OCR, image processing/recognition, neural networks, and different kinds of automatics.
Technological stack on the project:
ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET MVC Core, PostgreSQL, MySql, NoSql,
ADO.NET, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Google Cloud, RabbitMQ, Docker,
Kubernetes, OpenCV, Neural networks, SOAP/REST/GRPC
You`re our ideal candidate if have:
● 3+ years of experience in Front-End development
● Experience with Angular 11, TypeScript, Node.js, Docker
● Intermediate English
What do we offer?
● Flexible working hours, 40-hour work week;
● Medical insurance;
● Compensation for sports activities;
● English lessons with a teacher online.

Murano About Us
Nearly 20 years ago, Murano Software was founded on the premise of matching world-class software engineers with innovative companies in the United States.  Our founders took their software engineering talents and immigrated to the U.S. back when the Internet was first immerging. They quickly recognized that U.S. companies placed a high value on software engineering talent and realized the benefits of matching quality developers with US companies without the need to relocate. 

Murano has earned a reputation among the software engineering community as a best-in-class working environment. From the many professional development opportunities (including English language education), our catered sushi lunches, and our famous parties, Murano attracts the brightest and most skilled engineers. In turn, Murano also attracts U.S. companies that recognize the value of Murano’s talent and are willing to offer a level of compensation that is far above the industry average for full-time positions.  Like looking through a piece of world-famous “Murano” glass artwork, all sides see are something of value.

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